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Top 3 Wedding Finance Tips


While weddings reflect the individual personalities and priorities of the couple getting married, proper planning is the best way to avoid spending money you don’t have. A wedding is what you and your spouse can afford, what your family can afford to give you, and what your friends can afford to attend, where it’s wonderful for all involved.

You need you stay mindful of your spending, because you don’t won’t your wedding effecting your financing that is supporting your life. Here are top 5 ways to stop spiraling costs from turning your big day into a financial disaster.


Do Not Make Emotional Decisions

When it comes to having your big day, you are most likely to make emotional decisions and not being honest. Just as the memories last forever so does debt, or at least that’s what it feels like.  Debt doesn’t just go away as soon as the wedding is over. You have to pay it all back and more in interest.



Wedding planning is full of tiny details before you begin planning your wedding and reception, sit down with your partner and make a list of your top five priorities. Assuming that stunning decoration is on your top priorities list, it doesn’t need to go over the top, but it does need to be good.

Similarly, choose a fabulous wedding cake, considering taste over appearance. This helps when creating your budget. A wedding cake that looks good but tastes dreadful is a complete disappointment. Only spend money on the things that matter to you. 


Trimming Cost

Put your money where guests spend time and are going to appreciate it. Accordingly, craft your budget around what you know you want, this would help cut back on some things that aren’t as important.

When you’re ready to buy beverages, go with wholesale. You’ll pay your caterer a corkage fee to pour it, but beverage purchased through a planner can cost twice as much.Most merchants offer a 10 percent discount for buying beverage by the case, and they’ll often increase that if you purchase several cases at once. Sometimes they may give you the bridal suite and some complimentary rooms, or offers on welcome drinks and canapés.

They might also be able to recommend suppliers that they regularly work with, who could offer discounts based on the repeat custom that the venue provides.


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