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3 Trendy Wedding Boutonnieres

Wedding Boutonnieres

Today’s boutonniere designs are fresh, original, and reflective of the men who wear them.Though your mind may be on what flowers you and your bridesmaids will be holding down the aisle, the boutonniere is just as important.

In recent times, wearing a boutonniere is all about looking great. While boutonnieres may not be thought of as the most exciting element of your wedding planning, they don’t have to be boring or traditional.

Traditional boutonnieres are mostly red and pink themes because back in the Medieval period, female admirer would give a knight something to wear into battle, like a scarf or flower. Since the color of the given gift was almost always the same color as what the woman herself wore, the tradition was known as “wearing a lady’s colors.” By sporting the gift, a knight clearly demonstrated he was being supported in battle by a lady who adored him. 

Therefore, a groom wears a flower from the bride’s bouquet to symbolize his ties to the bride, and his groomsmen do the same thus placed on the left side, right above the heart.

Boutonnieres have these classic features, in modern times: Creative Colour Combinations, Statement Flowers and A Touch of Green. And though they may be small, boutonnieres can make a big statement. They add a punch of personality, color, and texture to the groom and grooms men’s lapels.

To help inspire your groom’s and grooms men’s boutonnieres, we rounded up 3 trendy real weddings boutonnieres. Enjoy!!!


A Pop of Lime

Lime and chartreuse are the “it” hues of the moment, and there are plenty of flowers and foliage to satisfy the demand for this color trend. This groom’s boutonniere features a lively green button  pom blossom, a glowing coral rosebud, and a gathering of peaches and cream hypericum berries.  The bright green tones are especially lovely for the African whether.


Craspedia in Demand

These charming sunny globes aren’t going anywhere, and are turning up in wedding flower arrangements in increasing numbers. Craspedia flowers have a rustic appeal that pairs well with low key flowers like chamomile, bachelor’s buttons, scabiosa, and speedwell.


A Bit Of Pink Flair

When the flower choice for the boutonniere is a sleek and modern looking calla lily. To make pink more palatable include pairing it with brown or black (ribbon, foliage, berries). 

Feel special by choosing one of these awesome and trendy Boutonnieres on your wedding day.


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